Duties of Equipment Custodians

Controls, maintains and monitors inventorial equipment. The equipment custodian is appointed by his or her department to monitor inventorial equipment during the life cycle of the capital asset.

  • Locates and tags new equipment with barcodes. The equipment custodian is the contact person for the department. When new equipment is added to the department's inventory, the Equipment Management department creates a "mailer" document that is forwarded to the equipment custodian. This document contains purchase order data and the new barcode label. The equipment custodian locates the new equipment, verifies the information on the mailer, and attaches the barcode label to the new piece of equipment.  The tagged status, serial number and any data changes are made to the equipment record by the equipment custodian in AMS.
  • Processes inventories. The equipment custodian performs inventories by physically locating the equipment and updating the inventory in AMS. There are two types of inventories: regular physical inventories and sample audit inventories.
  • Records and reports changes of equipment. The equipment custodian records changes to the equipment record (such as location and user) in AMS as the result of inventories or sample audits.
  • Records and reports disposition transactions. The equipment custodian reports and performs disposals, transfers and loan transaction in AMS.
  • Control of agency equipment. The equipment custodian coordinates with Equipment Management to tag new agency equipment and record the initial property record. The equipment custodian coordinates any change in activity for agency equipment with Equipment Management and obtains the sponsor's prior approval for any disposition or transfer action.