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Departmental Buyer

April 8, 2014


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Ten Ways To Reduce Delays
    Capital Equipment Financing Program
    Conflict of Interest: SB 1467
    Conflict of Interest: Employee Vendor
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    How to Hire Independent Contractor, Consultant
    Incentives and Rebates
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      Conflict of Interest, Approval Request (PDF)
      Contractor's License Classification and Definitions (DOC)
      Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet (PDF)
      Independent Contractor/Consultant 
      Justification "After the Fact" (DOC)
      Liability Insurance Requirements (PDF)
      Small Business Solicitation Requirements (DOC)
      Sole Source Request (DOC)
      UCLA Business Information Form (PDF)
      Vendor W-9 Form (PDF)
      590 CA Withholding Exemption Certificate (PDF)
        UCLA Subcontracts (PDF)
        Subcontract Checklist (DOC)
        Subcontract Closeout Certification (DOC)
        Small Business Subcontracting Requirements
        Small Business Subcontracting Plan & Reporting Checklist (DOC)
        UCLA Subawards (PDF)
        OCGA/Purchasing Subaward Checklist (DOC)
        Small Business Solicitation Form
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            Pcard Overview
            User Guide (PDF)
            UCLA Pcard Application (PDF)
            UCOP Pcard Application (PDF)
            Pcardholder Statement Dates (Yellow) (PDF)
            Pcard Default FAU Hit Days (Blue) (PDF)

              Campus Purchasing
              Email: | Phone: (310) 794-6029 | Fax: (310) 794-8020 | Mail Code: 148248


              10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650
              Los Angeles, CA 90024

              Office Hours

              Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
              Saturday and Sunday Closed