Policies & Procedures

Accounts Payable (AP) is the central unit within Corporate Financial Services that provides disbursement of non-payroll expenditures for the campus community, excluding vendor payments for the hospitals.

For key policies related to payment of invoices through AP, see Related Information.


Accounts Payable Forms & InstructionsListing of the forms related to Accounts Payable and a summary of when to use each form
Advance PaymentsInformation regarding the policies and procedures for advance payments
BruinBuy Change OrdersInformation on when and how to process change orders in BruinBuy.
Event-Related ExpensesMatrix of which class of order to use for the various event-related expenditures.
Fiscal Close ProceduresProvides a copy of the Accounts Payable Fiscal Close letter as well as detailed explanations of various fiscal close procedures.
Foreign Wire TransfersDescribes situations in which it is appropriate to request a wire transfer and how to submit a request.

H1-B Visa Processing (Immigration Fees)

With Attorneys (PDF)
Without Attorneys (PDF)

Instructions on how to submit documentation to pay immigration fee-related costs directly to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and to legal counsel. Need to work in conjunction with the Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars.
Hold & Incomplete (H&I) Hold-Reason Codes (PDF)Listing of all H&I hold-reason codes for BruinBuy transactions.
How to Reduce Payment Delays to Vendors & EmployeesInformation on how to submit a stop payment request and how to verify if a new payment was made.
How to Stop Payments & Cancel ChecksInformation on how to submit a stop payment request and how to verify if a new payment was made.
Invoice & Purchase Order TroubleshootingCommon hold reason codes seen on "Hold and Incomplete" (H & I) Reports in BruinBuy and how to resolve the purchase order.
Invoice Processing by Accounts PayableGeneral overview of how invoices are processed in AP.
One Time Payee (PDF)Provides information on how and when to process a one time payee purchase order.
Petty Cash ReplenishmentInformation on how to submit a petty cash replenishment. For information on how to open or close a petty cash account, please see the related link.
Postage GuidelinesInformation on the University's policy on postage stamp purchases and reimbursements
ReimbursementsInformation on how to submit non-entertainment and entertainment reimbursement requests including the types of supporting documentation that is needed.
Releasing Encumbrances & Memo LiensDefinitions of encumbrances and memo liens as well as information on how to release each.
Sales & Use Tax for UC PurchasersDescription of the University's responsibility as a purchaser to remit use tax to the state if sales tax has not been assessed at the time of the purchase.
Vendor Setup Request Format (PDF)Information on the correct vendor setup format (e.g., punctuation, abbreviations, etc.) when submitting a request for a new vendor or change in location of an existing vendor. No acronyms should be used in the vendor name.
Vendors Required to Submit W-9Outlines an additional step to be taken when establishing new vendors in the BruinBuy system. Now a signed W-9 form is required.

See Accounts Payable Service Standard for details on invoice payment turnaround times and on submitting invoices to AP. For a listing of the official UC Business and Finance Bulletins published by the Universitywide Policy Office, see Finance-Related Policies.