Electronic Invoicing

Enrolling in our electronic invoicing options will allow vendors to submit invoices directly to UCLA’s Accounts Payable department. Electronic invoices require the same invoice information as paper invoices, but will replace the need to mail paper copies of invoices.

Vendor Invoice Portal

The Vendor Invoice Portal (ViP) allows vendors to submit invoices and check the status of their uploaded invoices using our online portal. Vendors may upload invoices using one of three methods: submitting an Excel spreadsheet, a CSV file, or by manually entering invoice information directly into the portal. This electronic invoicing method is encouraged for suppliers who anticipate doing business with UCLA four times a year or more.

Transcepta Portal

UCLA has partnered with Transcepta Global Supplier Network to receive invoices electronically. Approved suppliers will no longer need to mail paper invoices to UCLA and can now submit invoices through the Transcepta network, where it is converted to an invoice format that feeds into the UCLA Financial System.

Transcepta registration is free and does not require changing invoice formatting or any technical enhancements. Transcepta offers several secure online methods for sending invoices including e-mail, virtual printer, EDI, or web entry. Transcepta will guide the supplier through determining what invoice submission method best meets their needs. This is encouraged for vendors that submit twelve or more invoices annually. Suppliers can go to UCLA’s Transcepta enrollment page to start the process.

NOTE: The following types of vendors are not eligible to sign up for Transcepta at this time:

  • Vendors for goods and services reviewed by UCLA Travel & Entertainment Accounting, e.g. Catering vendors, Lodging vendors, Air Transportation vendors, etc.
  • Vendors from out-of-state providing services in California (unless a valid Form CA590 is provided)
  • Foreign/Non US-resident Vendors

EDI Submission (Catalog Vendors Only)

UCLA supports invoice submission via EDI for vendors that have established EDI processes. This is ideal for vendors that support the EDI 810 invoice standard, have a catalog with UCLA, and have high volume invoicing.