Procurement Card (Pcard) Responsibility Levels

The following individuals govern Pcard program workflow, ensure security and manage the procurement process:


Department Administrator

Cardholder Supervisor

Pcard Administrator


Cardholders Responsibilities

  • Purchase goods and services within Pcard guidelines.
  • Forward Purchasing documents (such as sales receipts) to BruinBuy preparers to ensure that each transaction is entered into the financial system in a timely manner.
  • Review the cardholder statement and ensure that all corresponding supporting documentation (receipts) are uploaded to Accounts Payable via the Pcard Receipts System.
  • Review email notifications.


Department Administrators Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement internal procedures that govern departmental use of the Pcard.
  • Review email/post-authorization notifications (PANs) and monitor designated accounts.
  • Communicate with Pcard administrator when new or modified cards are required.


Cardholder Supervisors Responsibilities

  • Review email/PAN notifications and monitor cardholder purchases.
  • Review cardholder statements and supporting documentation (receipts) and sign statements to indicate all purchases reflected were for legitimate and allowable business purposes.
  • Communicate with Pcard administrator when card cancellations are required.


Pcard Administrators Responsibilities

  • Oversee day-to-day management and operation of the Pcard program.
  • Communicate with U.S. Bank regarding additions, changes and deletions to cardholder records.


On-Site Audit Reviews

In following the guidelines set forth in BUS-43, Part 8, Section N - Oversight and Reviews, the Pcard Administrator will establish procedures for on-site department audit reviews of the Pcard policies and procedures. The review involves pulling a statistical sample of cardholder records for verification of compliance. Any special exception requests granted by the Director of Purchasing to the department will be included in this review. Sanctions will be imposed for any misuse of policies and procedures.