Procurement Card (Pcard)

UCLA's Procurement Card (Pcard) is a Visa® card for staff and faculty members who have buying responsibilities. The card simplifies purchasing of most routine, low-cost goods and services. See Related Information to learn more about the Pcard.


Procurement Card Benefits

  • Accepted by all vendors that take Visa®. 
  • Ensures payment to vendors within 48 hours.
  • Eliminates purchase order and invoice processing.
  • Combines ordering and paying into a single process.
  • Provides access to easy-to-use online queries and transaction summaries.


Cardholder & Administrator Responsibilities

The Pcard is a Visa purchasing card issued by U.S. Bank to UCLA employees who have authority to buy goods and services on behalf of their departments.



Each Pcard bears the cardholder's name but is actually issued to UCLA. UCLA is responsible for all charges against valid cards and for making prompt payment to U.S. Bank. However, cardholders are responsible for ensuring proper use of the card in accordance with the cardholder agreement and stated Pcard Cardholder responsibilities.


Monitoring of Use

Employees who have been designated as approving officials must help ensure the proper use of Pcards by overseeing department implementation and use of the card.



Each Pcard is assigned a default Full Accounting Unit (FAU). However, cardholders or BruinBuy preparers can distribute or split transaction amounts between other FAUs when transactions are entered into BruinBuy.

Pcard Restrictions

  • Individual transaction amounts are set by each individual department up to the program limit maximums (including tax, freight and handling charges).
  • Built-in controls prohibit restricted purchases. See the Quick Reference Guide for Cardholders for more information.
  • Foreign purchases are limited.