BruinBuy Ship-To Addresses

Using a ship-to address in BruinBuy helps ensure more accurate delivery of items purchased by authorized staff. BruinBuy lists formatted ship-to addresses that meet a specified standard for proper delivery to UCLA, UCOP and UC Merced locations. 

All goods should be shipped to an appropriate University address and never to a personal address. It's likely that your department address is already in the BruinBuy system, especially if another staff member with the same department code has already entered it.

Log in to BruinBuy using the link in Related Information. At the BruinBuy home page under Account Status, you'll find a link for "BruinBuy How To Documents." Here you'll find information on how to:

  • Request a new ship-to address.
  • Look up a ship-to address.
  • Change an existing ship-to address.

To get started, go to the My Account section of the BruinBuy home page and click on "Ship To Request/Change."

If you need additional assistance, contact us at [email protected].