How to Order Appliances

UCLA has an agreement with General Electric (GE) for residential-quality appliances. The appliance pricing from GE includes:

  • Delivery
  • Uncrating
  • Setting in place

Follow these instructions to place an order:

1.  Select the product.

For new orders, go to the GE site and choose a model number. Prices shown are UCLA's approximate prices, which include the services listed above.

2.  Get current pricing.

Contact GE and give them the selected appliance model number to receive the current UCLA price, product availability and estimated delivery time.

3.  Place the order.

  1. Place a BruinBuy Special Request Purchase Order (N class) if the total order amount is under $5,000 or an R-class Purchase Order if it is over $5,000.
    Include the following information in the purchase order comments:
    • Shipping address.
    • Contact name and phone number.
    • Requested delivery date (or ASAP).
    • VCK Number 276832002
    • Contract Number 82-ZJF52

    See the article on purchase orders for more information on these codes.

  2. Fax the purchase order to General Electric using the contact information provided below.
4.  Post-purchase support.

See the Service and Support area of the GE site for information on scheduling service, repairs and obtaining warranty information.

Contact GE Customer Service if you need additional information about your product.

How to Order Repair Services for GE or Hotpoint Brand Appliances

  • Contact the GE Factory service team at (877) 882-8453.
  • Please charge your service call to account 96-ZMV11 and have your appliance's model and serial numbers ready in advance.

Product Pricing

  • GE Customer Service: (800) 523-7277 
  • GE Fax: (800) 772-6704
  • Archie Young
    Area Sales Manager
    [email protected]
    (909) 860-6345
    (866) 978-3830 fax