How to Transfer Inventorial Equipment

If UCLA has title to inventorial equipment, you may transfer that equipment to another department or campus. If you are unsure whether your equipment qualifies, see "What Is Inventorial Equipment?" in Related Information.

What to do How to do it 
1. Determine who has title to the inventorial equipment.

Check the tags on the inventorial equipment.

  1. If you see two tags (one property number and one government) you may not transfer the equipment. Review the property record in the online Asset Management System (AMS) to see whether the title status is University or agency.
  2. If the property record title is agency, contact the Managing Equipment supervisor for instructions on how to proceed with the transfer. Equipment with an agency title requires a sponsor’s approval prior to transfer.
  3. Equipment with a University title may be transferred. However, the transfer may require agreement of the Contract and Grants department prior to transfer.
  4. If you are transferring equipment between campus and hospital departments, contact Campus Accounting and the appropriate hospital accounting department prior to transfer to alert them and determine any requirements they may have.
2. Complete the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR).
  1. Check the TRANSFER box in the Transaction Type section of the EIMR.
  2. Complete the FROM and TO sections, and the Equipment Identification section.
  3. Property record requirements include description of equipment, manufacturer, model, serial number, acquisition date, acquisition documentation/purchase order or invoice number, funding data if applicable, value, condition, new location and new user information.
3. Obtain signatures of the accepting party on the EIMR.
  1. Send the original EIMR to the accepting party.
  2. Attach any relevant shipping documentation to allow the accepting party to indicate that the equipment has been received.
  3. Instruct the accepting party to sign the EIMR and forward it to Managing Equipment at the address below.
4. Determine how the equipment will be shipped.
  1. Contact the accepting department or campus to determine how to ship the equipment.
  2. Attach the shipping documentation to the EIMR.
  3. Shipping documentation from the accepting department may be required. Transfer of equipment with an agency title requires acknowledgement of receipt from the accepting department.
5. Confirm that the equipment has been removed from your inventory.

Check the Asset Management System (AMS) database to see that the equipment record has been removed from your inventory.