Accounts Payable Checks

Please note that the University encourages suppliers to reduce delays and create efficiencies by accepting payments via credit card or ACH.  To sign-up for ACH please see the following: or contact [email protected]. For information on credit card payments, please contact [email protected].

The following is an explanation of the adjustment codes that appear on the remittance advice of UCLA-issued check payments:

1)  California State Sales or Use Tax:
    a)  Deducted. Purchase is for resale in this instance. Permit number for the Los Angeles Campus is AS18-083492.
    b)  Added. Purchase is not for resale.
    c)  Adjusted. Purchase taxed at current State and local tax rate. Correct tax remitted to State.
2)  California State Use Tax has been deducted because Seller's Permit number or Certificate of Registration - Use Tax number was not cited. Tax will be paid directly to the State of California.
3)  Transit system District Sales Tax has been deducted. "Purchase is for use outside the district.
4)  Federal Tax on telephone and telegraph has been deducted. The University is exempt.
5)  Federal Excise Tax has been deducted. The University is exempt for purchases not for resale.
6)  Arithmetical error on invoice has been corrected.
7)  Transportation charge has been deducted.  Purchase order quoted FOB destination.
8)  Transportation charge has been deducted. Copy of freight bill was not furnished as required by conditions of Purchase Order. If receipt referring to vendor invoice and purchase order number is submitted, payment win be made.
9)  Corrected to agree with Purchase Order/Contract.
10) Other corrections. See attached Invoice Correction.

Vendors can find payment information by logging into our Vendor Self-Service website. In addition to payment information, vendors can also login to the website to find information about outstanding invoices. Additional help can be also found by contacting: [email protected].