Promotional Products & Services

If you need to buy promotional items to give away — such as pens, T-shirts and tote bags — with the UCLA logo or your department's name, you can meet licensing policy requirements and save money by using one of the University's preferred suppliers. UCLA now has competitively bid Strategic Sourcing contracts with the following companies:

Promotional Products & Services Firm

Purchasing Agreement Number

Best Promotions


Lasting Impression


Gorilla Marketing


I.D. Me Promotions


*Supplier is a small business.

Examples of promotional services include design, pre-production sample creation, file conversion, storage, delivery, etc.


Cost Savings

During FY 08/09, UCLA purchased approximately $2 million in promotional products and services. We expect these suppliers will provide the University with the best combination of service, quality and price. Through the use of the new contracts, we anticipate cost savings of 20-30% compared to prices UCLA previously paid.


Licensing Requirements

Campus groups and departments are required to buy all promotional gifts and giveaway products bearing UCLA trademarks (e.g., clothing, souvenir items, gifts and other emblematic merchandise) from licensed vendors. The awarded suppliers have obtained a license from the Collegiate Licensing Company to ensure proper trademark usage in order to protect and promote the UCLA trademark.

Please note that products you buy from these licensed suppliers are for giveaways; they are not for commercial resale. See the UCLA Trademarks & Licensing site for more information.